IZEcoin Terms & Conditions

If you do not agree to any of the terms set forth in this Agreement, you may not access or use any of the Services. Leave the page immediately.

The term “Company” refers to Genesis GG20 Ltd, trading names IZEcoin, Shop-Again, 20Again and all other trading names used by Genesis GG20 Ltd.

By purchasing IZEcoin you are purchasing a cryptocurrency. You are in no way purchasing shares of, nor investing in any specific company or project. IZEcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be traded on public exchanges where listed and sent between IZEcoin wallets/users as a means of transacting monetary value.

The price of IZEcoin is determined by public demand, on a live market, where there is buy and sell trades for IZEcoin and other currencies. The developers have no control over the price of IZEcoin after the release of the coins to the public exchange. As with all cryptocurrencies that are publicly traded there will likely be price speculation and the value of IZEcoin may rise or fall as users buy and sell their IZEcoin.

As the IZEcoin Administrators, through the known development process, we have an expectation that IZEcoin may become more valuable over-time, as storage of coins on more and more wallets occurs. We are not able to guarantee any profits or that the value of the coin will increase. We have no guarantee that our retail EcoSystem Shop-Again or network system 20Again will affect the value of the IZEcoin.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of value in IZEcoin after the release to a public exchange. We cannot be held responsible for loss of IZEcoin due to user error, such as hardware or software errors or malfunctions. Always back-up your wallets.

When downloading any of our IZEcoin wallets you do so at your own risk. We give NO WARRANTY of any kind on any of the software available to download or view or connected to our website(s). Whilst using any of our wallets (or any of our software or webpages), you do so at your own risk and with the agreement that only you are responsible for any loss, however that loss may occur or be quantified.

We recommend that you regularly back up your wallet and use all security features available to keep your coins safe.

You agree and consent to us using your personal data to inform you, in any way we deem fit, of any security matter, or other matter, that in our sole judgement, you should be aware of. We will not share your data with any other company, entity or person and will do all in our power to keep your data safe and secure. When legally obligated, the Company will provide personal information to government agencies but only if by a valid court order or presentation of warrant.

From time to time the Company may need to suspend for an undefined period of time or withdraw one or all of its services, websites or software packages. You further agree that you have no rights or guarantees of “service or use” of any of our websites, products or software packages, now or in the future.

If you need to contact the Company please use one of our contact forms.

Date: 25-9-17